Monday, August 20, 2018

A Date with Gravity

The final option is always the first to go
& I'm bouncing quarters off the sidewalk
among the sacred pyramids & taco stands
while playing the part of the eternal
red-headed stepchild
carrying a leatherbound volume of broken concrete
returning to the one true original premise
from which there is no escape

Once you felt just that pure I know but time
chips away at your carbon footprint & your dreams
are nothing more than a landing strip for seagulls
exhausted from hauling the rusted sky down the coast
day after day these many years while you keep score

We all want to say goodbye I said
& like a wine-stained tombstone cutback
w/a kamikaze crossstep
you tread the needle's spine
before dropping into a full metal bikini slide
dragging your knuckles in the sand

Something no one will ever remember
or forgive