Thursday, November 19, 2015

Considering the Heart as a Flotation Device

for Joanne Elizabeth Kyger

Dragonfly pauses to rest a moment on a strand of barbed wire

            its iridescent green & blue body
            its double set of transparent wings

                        Bright cold winter sunlight is also blue

                                    Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo

The undulating gaze
when the smoke clears & you have been
absolved in the crumbling light moist w/tears that are neither yours
nor mine
                        just gleamingly wet
                                                                  while the drama waits
                         w/a short list of places to go
                                                                                 things to do
but it's all up to you

& the torch aloe (arborescences) is just about ready to bloom

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Shiva's Little Grind

Sunday Morning
The cypress whistles from the cliff
& the ocean performs deep breathing exercises
in the kelp grove at high tide
a long way from the sky garden
& its hydraulic geraniums

Mood Lighting
Drenched in silver-blue mist the
crash of sheet metal waves
& the sky leaning on the wings of gulls
like the vague memory of summer rain

The Getaway
Ragged palm trees 
            spill their shadows 
                        onto the sidewalk
You can read your future there
            & I had to ask but 
                        you didn't have to answer...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sand, Glass, Air & the Briny Deep

(a concerto for electric guitar & pavement saw)

In the vacant lot back of the gas station taqueria
giant agave, prickly pear cactus, salt grass, seaweed & all the lesser
demons & dakinis in the Upanishads
form a vast interactive mosaic

You were there but you might have missed it

Try to remember

Where exactly was the sky?

                                                  for Alison on her birthday
                                                  9 Nov 15

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Reeling with the Feeling

Sample the rolling dark
deep green steel turquoise
& variegated foam

wet sand

oyster music

butterfly fate

Several other worlds intersect or overlap this one
each with its own catalog of greasy regrets
& like a desperate attempt at setting the world's record in
heavy breathing maybe the best question is the one that is
never asked?

The rolling dark rocking
deep green turquoise steel
& corrugated foam

a dance for Boney Maroney, Mustang Sally & Peggy Sue

Monday, October 26, 2015

My tendency to trespass vs the neon palette of sunset

Leafy elegance light & shadow late afternoon still warm & shimmering
low frequency windy music

If anything exists outside of this I wonder what it could be

Monarch butterflies hooked on milkweed & fog & Fats Navarro records

Cement clouds hoisted above the beach

(a complex system of cables, wires & pulleys hard at work behind the scene)

Tufts of dry yellow grass, dead thistle, cracked pavement
& a gathering of monastic eucalyptus trees speaking in tongues
alongside the sand gravel path that leads to the beach below

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Feeling Moonlit

Water, sand, foam
where that sparkle lives
I wouldn't say it was obvious
altho it was & is

guarded secrets & lug wrenches
take up a good deal of our time here
gargling the seven seas plus one other

O oceans of earth & sky
under the influence of a subtropical depression
& the flowering darkness that sleeps inside
stones cobbled along the shore
This must be the place where St. Francis tamed the
wolves she said            & now the rushing whisper of
seashells is all that remains
Time bending space
bent palm
trees in their infinite
wisdom never
made a sound

              October 20 - birthday of both Arthur Rimbaud
              & Philip Whalen

Friday, October 9, 2015

Some Might Say

I like how you turn your head away
when I say I love the way the light
leans against your cheek
Kabuki-style in the parking lot at Taqueria Las Palmas

blue sky zooming in low w/neon highlights


Nasturtium leaves moist, dew-laden, be-jeweled
tremble in that kind of light

Eucalyptus whispers in the looming mist of fog that
rides in with the evening tide
& I'm doing my Wild Man of Borneo routine
the pavement turning to sand beneath my feet

Sometimes you're like a balcony I can leap from

other times you're like a glass of water I'm diving into
from an impossible height

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A History of Violence

The amateur hunchback at Clyde's Richfield U-Haul
corner of Venice & Lincoln
& the out-of-work hairdresser
w/the Jack of Hearts hidden in her kimono sleeve
raking the church parking lot w/eyes like stolen flashlights
begging to be seen & forgotten

Music piped in from Arcturus pre-recorded for broadcast
at a predetermined time no matter how the light bends

A single word read sideways
yr ticket to "Da Poemz"

& the next thing you know you're walking tiptoe
thru the ruins of Western Civilization

with headphones on

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Let Me Know When You Get There

A sense of balance thrown off-kilter         a vector inversion

Gathering up all of the holes in your alibi takes time
& the time it takes is GOLDEN

which is to say
askew         lopsided         crooked         & perfect

You were all decked out in silk brocade & egret feathers
a dozen long-stemmed geraniums cradled in your arms

         It was either sunrise or sunset
                  ocean the color of an abalone shell
        & the blonde sand plunging into a hush of foam made it all
         easy to forget

One could possibly learn to be translucent in that type of light
so if you were to say "I'm looking through you" it could be taken literally

We were riding the same karmic thermal
drifting from one side of the beach to the other

one grain of sand at a time