Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dividing Now From Forever

You have the choice to 
double up or double back

living inside a comic book
version of The Odyssey

with lots of CRASH, THUD, KA-BOOMs
& dialog balloons stuffed with those

dactylic hexameters that still ring like
stones in the sun

but outsourced to California 
where the shoreline has a memory that's 

always going to be deeper than
the history book you lost in high school

or that dry dive into the abyss
when no one's looking

Friday, September 9, 2016

Confessing My Tattoo

At sundown the Hollywood
sign sinks beneath the
weight of pale pink angels who
talk out the side of their mouths
& carry guitars zipped up in body bags

I'd like to trade in those scrap iron halos
for a primer gray
belch-fire El Camino
then gun the engine while chasing down
the starlet who wears crooked shoes

I'm burning out the clutch
& she's got black silk eyes

Thursday, September 1, 2016

West Coast Slide

The pale gray & blue sky opens just a little by noon

Remember to pay attention

Breathe in & breathe out                   okay
then what?

                        Try some new yoga poses:
                                    the Binge-Watcher
                                    the One-Legged Seagull
                                    the Chainsmoker

although I'd rather spend my time running tropical interference
while wearing a ceremonial lifejacket & a snorkel

                        retracing the steps of a last tango...

& I told her

            You can bury my body
                                    down by the oceanside
            so my old evil spirit
                        can catch the next wave & ride

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Boxing the Compass

I saw the reflection & heard the echo

            put one word next to another & so on

Rebel Rebel meets Louie Louie
midway thru The Golden Voyage of Sinbad

Blue slab of sky tilted above & somewhat
behind the tortured Asian pear tree

            how so gently applied

                        cooking time 60 to 70 minutes
                        depending on your point of view

Accordions in the cypress
by way of a sonic investment

& those cold blue flames under the sea
like a crash course in Taoist alchemy

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Costa Azul

A haze of smog lingers in her veins
                  as she recedes into degrees of silence
Her eyes like shattered glass
         folded into sand swept by foam

Versus an ocean sunset embalmed in vaseline
I've got a love note scrawled on the sea-
wall in blue-green T'ang Dynasty lipstick


Slick waves tumble
                                     repetition of a pattern
heavily redacted
                                 by dawn's early light

Monday, August 1, 2016

Sailing to Tonga on a Wire Frame Mattress

The bronze sky tips down into the
swarming turquoise sea
         & you're prying your shadow off the sidewalk
                  or speaking in tongues like a seagull
                  in a trance

it's just what some call love

         & the wind machine in the eucalyptus has a
                  blown gasket & is burning oil

                           like my heart I guess

         Maybe if you could turn the torch aloe inside out
                  you'd have a better idea where all this is going

& dragging the kodachrome sunset behind you
you sew it all up with silver thread
         as the mile-long shadows stretch out for that
                                                                long haul into night

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Did you hear the one about the owl who married a goat

e  a  r  t  h  q  u  a  k  e
                                           "Did you feel that?"
            a blip on the Richter scale
                                                             tectonic shift
an interglacial hiccup prompting a tsunami warning
bearing down on a
                                         Bikini collision course

          (not the two-piece bathing suit
          but the atoll in the Marshall Islands where
          the United States detonated 23 nuclear devices
          between 1946 & 1958 imagine
          what kind of surf that must have generated)

Nothing out of the ordinary
                                                       Rocking the boat
High seas at low tide
                                                              Calling down the thunder

Friday, July 8, 2016

Mumbo Jumbo

It was a 20,000 Leagues Under the
Sea meets Sailing to Byzantium situation
seen through a Ziggy Starfish prism
on Topanga Beach

Footprints in wet sand

The sound of waves in a bottle cap

but like all the hydraulic lifts & power tools it takes to
fully equip a karma repair shop
& the Dalai Lama drops by to have a beer at closing time
all the angels, demons, hungry ghosts & sad-eyed buddhas
slip out the back door into the lemon light of a midsummer sun-
set filtering down through the abracadabra palm trees that
bow & sway in the parking lot

& you were there pretending you weren't
as the sky tipped back like a bottomless cup of kool-aid
& I almost forgot to breathe

Friday, July 1, 2016

Shiva's Little Grind

Silver-green eucalyptus leaves
shimmering in the wind
like a school of sardines in the shallows

         Another day it might be like the way it felt to
         read Confessions of an English Opium Eater
         in 1822
                              the fog rolling in from the beach
the sun an opaque disk of tarnished 
silver nailed to the sky

         & maybe she walks in beneath it
                  as I reach out to her
                           with two or more hands

Her eyes like dark stretches of intertidal static
raking the dust of Darwinian succession
in blue suede huaraches