Saturday, August 11, 2018

M'sieur Tarzan Buys a Record Player

Wrecked on telepathic feedback
behind the wheel of an awkward silence
leaving skid marks on the needle
whenever you drift past your
favorite tune

but bent listening to
those jungle drums
& sawed-off guitars

a real toe-tapper that
lit up the hit parade
ten thousand years ago

& the consolation prize...
wind in the eucalyptus & other voices
versus the exhaust note of a '56 Chevy
rattling the sunset windows of
los kahunas

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Keep the Change

A quick glance back
                    over your shoulder
& out
              to sea
                            whatever's there to be seen

It seems unlikely given the dark
primer gray fog that's
parked on the beach

& locked in on the fucking persistent dial tone
of Eternity
                    royal palms murmur
                             Sappho whispering to Homer
                                      what being means

it means
waking up at dawn
w/your sunglasses on