Sunday, July 1, 2018

Not for Nothing

Deep waves, pebbled foam, broken sand
eye of seagull, beak & wing

         starfish  /  tarpits

                           a lifesize replica
                  adorned w/sea mist & pearls
                                                     dipped in sun-
                           f  L  i  C  k  E  r  I  n  G
                  blue yellow red green & turquoise
                                                      w/chrome inlay
                  repeated in the windswept cypress & wet sand
                  when the tide is almost full

& you were there pretending you weren't
as the sky tipped back like a bottomless cup of pink lemonade

         such tenderness is a rare occasion

                  a dented fender of surf

                            a whiff of cheap perfume

& like a tune written for a guitar w/no strings
clouds rearrange themselves
in anticipation of the next million dollar idea

         dimension evoking divinity in hindsight

                  heaven for those who watusi in their sleep

& even if my heart's a boomerang w/your name on it
I'm pledging my time & fancy footwork