Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steel Drum Song

Bumpy weather w/intermittent rain
& dark & chill factors
minus the disconnect
of rambling bird notes

Windshield wiper blades keep
another kind of time altogether

totally missing the tragic octave

although you prefer something a bit more
precious I suppose a tidal wave
w/mudslide tremors & gaited horses
that rustle like palm leaves against
the ravished pertinence of so many
bronze wings slashing the sky behind you

a pearl shell iridescence all amethyst & neon
yet standing in the eye like a fluorescent token
a decorative occasion that portrays all the clarity of
that damp & cloudy ethic

the random apprehension where
sea meets sky in the pretense & the vapor

at the mercy of accelerations

& the vicarious hips of parking lots near the sea