Monday, March 8, 2010

From a Motel Room in Venice

A hit man w/a habit
Gerard de Nerval
sheets of sunlight

I was thinking about Malibu I guess

cerveza San Lucas

negotiating the skateboard traffic
& the hysterical adobe
Travels in Abyssinia & the Harar

We are Beyond Broke
the check’s in the mail
minus any photographic evidence, alas

blue nada & the midnight echo

after so many miles how can you be sure

Duncan breaks the filter off
“the only way you can taste the tobacco”
I had forgotten

you wouldn’t have recognized me
nor I you in the glare of that pacific blade
loyal to the ocean & The Poems, as ever

recalibrating the Bright Star sonnet as Lewis said
& the beauty of that moment among the voices, Pamela

we think there is a soul but
we don’t know