Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nothing but a shadow on the sand

It’s raining at the beach
                              flickering           ocean smooth pebbles
& the consequence
                                                a deeper blue regret
prolongs the pantomime Q&A session

                              ala Rimbaud, or Spiderman

& every memory a scar
being 10 months into a habit yet clear enough to
catch each tear
                                                before it gets here

if you want to know where you’ve never been

Light succumbs to its own listening
              just as the burden of that mechanism
is reduced to breathing marks
                              scored on the beach pavement

              where I dodge silver bullets aimed right at my spleen

                              Keats called it negative capability

& I watch each wave flickering
              as in a grainy gray snuff film

currently playing at the bottom of a rainpuddle