Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Now On

Most of the time I don’t want to know how
              old I am or how much money I don’t have
El Segundo in flashback loops to Santa Cruz
                              by way of the Ventura pier
              bloodstains on the water-
                                                damaged map of my feelings
& thumbing thru a book of matches
              choking on the wind that’s coming in
off the water while a pale neon memory floats
                              between your ambient denial & the
watery edge of forever
              where the mirror bends & the pavement
as yet undefined begins & ends
                              LEANING AGAINST THE RAIN
                                                Jimmy Reed
                                                William Carlos Williams
& some clown waving a psychosomatic flashlight
              from a swimming pool filled with a million dollars
in IOUs
                              I guess there is a resemblance but
from now on I’ll take this stretch at 85 mph
              with the windows rolled down & the radio tuned to
a steel guitar version of
everything you always wanted