Monday, October 17, 2011

All Debts Public & Private

Even if I didn’t mean what I said
the tattooed sky would still have tilted
              the way an afterimage remains
                              like a star hooked on shadows
elicits that sad lookaway in the fading light
I figure would take at least 150 pages to
              some days seem endless like a Russian novel
others are more like a failed reality show
              From vaulted cathedral glass
                              to tropic pavements
                                                & sleek getaway
              engines doomed to
                              mortal destiny
              fuel injected
                                                Aztec interiors
              multiplied by degrees of Nowhere
I should have died in TJ that time
              I had my ticket punched & everything
shuffling through the glass pages of every ocean
                              in the backseat at 90 miles an hour
& she was gazing out thru the windshield
              inventing thermodynamics
pictured as a beautiful blue tide
rushing in beneath the burnt-pink windows
of forever