Sunday, May 20, 2012

Stirring up the shadows

1. Turn on the TV

2. Don’t watch it

3. Remember taking peyote in 1976?

4. The theme from Endless Summer

5. …uh…

6. Philip Guston

7. Paradise Lost vs the later Maximus Poems

8. Water on the brain

9. Spiderwebs in the wind

10. A combination of small south & northwest groundswells
delivering waves of up to five feet at north-facing beaches where
I once saw a palomino seahorse galloping in the foam
its wild eyes a pair of polished obsidian stones set on fire
the thunder of its hooves no more than a whisper now as I
gather a bouquet of broken glass & rusty windchimes for the
French girl with leukemia who at this very moment is gently
knocking at my door