Saturday, June 1, 2013

Try it this way

Straight from the bottle that stuff
lingers like a puff of Papal smoke
an inquiry into the motive of the wrong-way driver
no comfort to take & none given

I thought of the bells ringing in your own private Shangri-la
& what it might look like from a parking lot in Huntington Beach
just before it rains

                                     When it’s your dice or mine, all
         or nothing,
                      that she be there in all her splendour
                                                                 (Charles Olson)

w/her irradiated pearls, ethanol eyes
& camouflage lip-gloss…

assuming her passion is more like a made for TV sequel than
fog laying down
                               flat upon the water
                                                                 on the darkest day of summer
in late November
                             but just as smooth just as relentless
when I’m six steps from whatever
                                            preempted by the evening tide