Saturday, September 6, 2014

Like So

“The creative person should have
no other biography than his works.”
                                        –B. Traven

My dirty eyes dusted w/sunlight
            hovering between transpacific jet lag
                        & the last recording of the Memphis Jug Band

I used to think “One day I’ll just disappear in Mexico”
until I did (as, but not like, Ambrose Bierce)
Now everything is different
The wind shufffing thru las palmas will never be the same

Something about karma & liberation
which could be better expressed by
her damp panties pulled to one side, for example

The sky is wearing a shiny blue suit in the green room
as seagulls pause in mid-air
above the waves
& all the luminous details
            like familiar faces you just can’t quite place

& never will