Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Evidently a Design Flaw

Listening to “The Water-Damaged Blues”
a real toe-tapper like
            rusted emeralds spilling against the
                        rocks cobbled along the shore

“Anointed w/seafoam”

I had acquired a very particular set of 
skills over a long & desperate career
last seen copping a couple of blank
            sheets from god’s prescription pad
which resulted in a decidedly Roman Catholic hitch
in my getalong

                                    & as my sense of morality was
roundly criticized I decided to concentrate on my
which she insisted on referring to as an
“exit strategy”
            but I wasn’t so sure of the rhyme scheme
                        in the third stanza
                                  entitled “It’s only a head wound, Ma”

(nothing that can’t be fixed w/a little nail polish)

& there was nothing left to do but drive
90 miles-an-hour in reverse
back to the beach
                        where I cultivated all the poise & presence
                        of a burned-out movie star