Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chinese Take-Out

It was like leaded glass out there
when I got back I couldn’t hear out of my right ear
         & yet I was so captivated by your
         hesitation & the way the wind dropped to its knees
                  in how shall I say it “awe”

I did my Dude the Obscure routine & she lit another cigarette
dueling saxophones & a big Chevy V8
providing the soundtrack
dark notes & the remedy “on the cuff” they say
         but they never mean it that way
                  shuffled in as it is with all of the other small
sufferings of the heart & such
         only tends to make one feel stupid & why not

We’ll sit out on the pier pretending we don’t
know each other & we’ll count the stars
There aren’t as many as there once were so it won’t take long