Friday, February 26, 2010

Dark Sun Glasses

Once I was in Boomtown and I heard an ever-so-slight “boom”
It dragged my lagoon for 16 blocks then stopped
I got a bruise under my hypothalmus
And all I could do was shine Jayne Mansfield
And chew my plug faster than I ever have before

Snakeskin boots are said to have caused the crash
“Maybe the plane had a torn clupjoint in the tranny”
Saith Jello Biafra of Tulsa Oklahoma

“We” is an “other” while you are
Seventeen reasons to avoid the light of day
Depending on where you fall in the “boom” index

Rain all you want I have recourse to an ozone resolve
As dark and rich as the Pacific (an ocean) and vast (too)

My pants have all the presence I require

                              by Michael Price & Kevin Opstedal