Saturday, February 20, 2010

Straight Life

―That’s not the story your partner told us.
―Oh, was that the one about the hooker with dysentery?

The hidden faces of the Maya
the kindness of strangers
              & some kind of poetic mercenary take
                                                like did you say “Rambo”
                              or “Rimbaud”?
I was replaying Apocalypse Now in my head
              Bill Kilgore, a goofy foot
“What do you know about surfing, soldier,
you’re from goddamn New Jersey”
                              as is Jim Thomas of The Mermen
but surf music is
Dock Boggs & Lou Reed
as well as the secret soundtrack to The Fall of America
by Allen Ginsberg
minus the beach at Golgotha
from a distance stained by my poetry
              but then Ginsberg liked my poems
                                                he told me so
                              was he just being kind?
That was years ago, I was a different person
              I did the hula in my sleep
listening to Psycho Killer
                              & dreaming about tsunamis
              The dreams are the same but
now I do a surf ghetto watusi
                              & Art Pepper plays Straight Life