Friday, January 21, 2011

Nettelbeck, 1950-2011

You never found that
easy way out
but then again you didn’t look too hard for it
your heart was just too fucking huge

I’ll always remember meeting up with
you & Billie
at the Avenue Bar in Santa Cruz
how you wrapped me in a giant
bear hug & called me your brother
because we were brothers
in the Word

& those endless emails & sporadic
phone calls singing the unsung
& the poems

all ended now

You were a true poet
down to your scarred knuckles

shit, man, I’m gonna miss you
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------"sucking the dregs of a fifth of Pancho Villa Gold actually not too bad for 10 bucks chasing with Modelo yesterday was 40 now 80 today! still winter in the air and I ain’t got no wood in and I need at least 8 cords blah blah same (THE VERY) same shit and I know better BUT I mustn’t turn into Jack Micheline and I'm afraid I am but fuck east LA would be worse so why bitch gotta good buzz EAST COAST would be worse honkie but this writing writing aimless what is there to prove I CAN WRITE ONCE IN AWHILE A FUCKING GOOD POEM! and and and I’ll be 60 in 2 months fuck lets relax a bit look into my daughter’s eyes I ain’t dying with 89 chapbooks feeding some cocksucking bookdealer’s kids OUT AND OUT out and out tequila is the best poem.................”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Throw down a few
against the darkness