Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pitching the empties into the abyss

A future self revisiting a past self,
                                                that was me, once
but paddling back & forth across the River Mitsuse
back & forth, in Japanese…
                              I woke up hungry
it was still dark & rain was falling against the window
A Brit who publishes a beatnik fan zine wanted to reprint an
excerpt from my Bolinas history.   I said okay.   That was like
a year ago.   I heard that he published the magazine with my
work in it & so I asked if I could get a copy.   Turns out he had
already sent it to my old address & it was returned to him.   He said
he could re-send it to my current address if I paid for postage.  
I don’t have any money, so I never got to see the thing.   Maybe
if I was Gary Snyder or Mike McClure or Ginsberg’s old shoes he
would have fallen over himself to get me a copy?
Lovely Doubloons in the mail today
                              poems by Sunnylyn, collages by Micah
              Mardi Gras 2011

Blossoms opening on the Asian pear tree
                                                                big plate of carnitas for dinner
              bottles of Victoria from Cerveceria Modelo

A break in the rain

                              I make a list & throw it away
                                                write letters I’ll never send

& the moon seems heavier than before
              pulling down the night