Friday, March 4, 2011

World at Large by Donald Guravich

It is with enormous pleasure I announce the publication of World at Large: Selected Poems 1971-1978 by Donald Guravich.   This is Donald’s first book since Blue Chips, a collection of his brilliant short prose pieces which was published in 2003, also by Blue Press.

The poems in World at Large range from Canadian backwoods snow flurry epiphanies, small town political union hall & strip mall generosity (with telepathic details carefully measured), to red dust Mexican incantations, all with clear-eyed lyric precision.

          World at large
                        gets larger         Door opens
                                  so large it disappears

A beautiful collection, augmented with elegant line drawings by the poet, World at Large is published in a limited edition of only 175 copies.   Get one while you can from Blue Press.