Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cocktails with Gravity Girl

I was swept away by the blue sparkle
              where I learned to surf by candlelight
snap decisions broken in half by a misjudged floater
                              on the wrong side of the jetty
embalmed in sea mist & foam
              like skid marks left by the sun
still visible above the horizon
                              & where we live it’s wall to wall ocean
                                                like the flipside of a death wish
retracing the zig-zag path that runs from the
drop edge of a mild turquoise yonder
to the Mexican silver on your wrists
as I picture you now standing out at the edge of the
                              pretending you can see your reflection
              in the polished blue mirror of the sky I guess
or contemplating something as soft & effortless
as a phantom pain
                              you never notice
              until it’s gone