Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don’t You Want To Forget Someone Too

The moon falls on California & wakes you up…
A tourist from Sacramento just got shot out in Beach Flats
but you don’t know that yet
              you don’t even know what time it is
because you’re halfway through a dream of swimming like
Leander on a moonless night & you’re just about to drown
                              & you’re wondering what that would feel like

but the moonlight crashing in through the window
wants to take you someplace else
              although that doesn’t explain the dancing iguanas
& every footstep wing-flap fin-splash between here & Ocean St.
drifting, set to music, choreographed,
                                                like a rail of Tibetan banjos
                              abandoned in a kelp grove

& the siren’s song is just the ambulance
                                                racing down to Beach Flats but
you don’t know that as that piercing howl dissolves the iguanas
& the moon shifts just a fraction of an inch bending
shadows like iron bars across the bed