Monday, June 18, 2012


To Joanne & Donald, relentlessly
To the Great Dale Herd, Brother in the Word
To Leweye MacA—Beach concrete & a garland of seaweed
To the formidable Duncan McN, w/love & admiration
To Noel Black, Sometimes it feels like you don’t have a
              friend in the world, & then you remember
To Miguel, “The Poems” is HUGE
To Micah & Sunnylyn, Think of it as a gothic beach Mardis Gras
              with forensic lullabys piped in
To Jimmy Dunagan—Just when you thought it was
              safe to mix metaphors…
To Cody—A can of Rust-o-leum rattling in the late
              afternoon seabreeze
To Alison—“The buzzing of the bees in the cigarette trees”
To Bill Berkson, On page 22 I was thinking of you
To Ainsworth―Swarming nameless church shadows
              in the rearview mirror of a stolen car
To Pamela, We know who we are