Thursday, June 28, 2012

Divided 3 Ways

The Time of the Assassins
In the dark of Pearl Street
              a dark like undersea
or Easter Sunday
                              at midnight processional
every step falling
              within the measure
riptide intervals of shattered glass as well
                              lighting votive candles in your eyes
which are like horses grazing
              in an electromagnetic field

The Enemy Is Us
Young girls die for this
47 minutes in a life I was just passing through
fingers precariously accept the gracious gift in letters 2 feet high
walking through walls         Sunset Blvd         when you left
although your eyes remain thinking this
yours & mine         lifting a finger         the “Unfinished Exalted State”
preserved in a movie at the bottom of the sea

3000 Crooked Miles
Japanese surf rarities floating like fingers
lost in a caress from which we provoke
these sordid blessings & the voracious discontent
of our sometime resolve