Thursday, October 11, 2012

Demolition Derby

There is a palm tree outside the window here
full of dark & light     
whispering (green) & slowly
in the late October
afternoon dusted w/silver haze
so the message gets thru          encrypted            like her shoulders
which are bare white miracles darkened by the sun.
She is the one who hesitates an instant (to be sure) the
letters to & from
as the powder blue sky tumbles above the jetty
& shadows hold their breath now that everything is broken
DESIRE is a needle in the sand, she said,
her eyes glistening like tidepool mirrors
taken away by the shimmer of heat dissolving
in the grip of pavement that eventually will
crumble into the sea & road maps will be useless…
I’ll examine the veins in her wrist instead
planning our escape