Monday, October 8, 2012

I slept thru the best part

The roadside ferris wheel & opium vendors with
trouble in mind blues tipping the pagoda stool

Flashy shadow-boxing dance moves on a high-wire cathedral belt
I’ve painted my way out of so many corners I’m color blind
A wind went by just now
it had traveled across the vast Pacific
sprinted over the beach at Cowell’s & up Ocean Street
stumbled thru a few palm trees here on Wipeout Avenue
& continued on out to Donner Pass I guess
future beach front property if the Mayans were right
Dreaming by TV light
black & white footage, I could only tell you
what I thought it meant reflecting the uneven silver glow
the trees lit up with small birds accelerating

Joanne Kyger was reading the first line of one of my poems
“The first word should rhyme with the fifth word,” she said,
that’s the secret.”  I thought it was a hell of a thing to say
as she smiled mysteriously & I woke up before I could
ask her about it

Something there is that rings a bell
180 degrees of fitful silence echoing in a seashell

I said that I prefer to sleep wearing sunglasses
& a floating cowboy hat

“If you want a poem find a blank page”

 (Philip Whalen said that)