Sunday, December 23, 2012

Los Oxidados

Shooting pool in a dirt floor cantina
“Mucho calor”             yeah, weather’s hot, amigo
Dogs wandering in & out of the place
          (they have a little Baja all their own)
Back in the car we take off with the windows rolled down
so that the heat off the blacktop can blast through us
Are those band-aids on the crushed bumper of that ’84
Chevy compact?
It rattles & spews dark clouds of smoke
                              into the deep blue Mexican air
Mariachis taking a break at the Tecate Six in Pescadero
Federales hanging out at the corner
Turn left off the highway onto a dirt road
bounce along through agricultural land
peppers, avocados                palm trees
                                    veer right at the thrashed VW van
& roll on out to the beach . . .
Standing in the shorebreak                intense undertow but
                                                               the waves are clean
We are as the haze
              ignited by the setting sun

Shelley must have lived like this on the Mediterranean
only the waves weren’t as good

This was one of many poems written during
a trip to Baja in 2006.  I think I should change
my name to Kevin Oxidados.