Friday, December 14, 2012

Universal Remote

I swung around past the breakwater
but I lost my footing
as one rush bled into another
& I was sure I’d reach you
            the way the vanity of storms at sunset
                                    reach for the pulse of the tide
                        when the pavement dives
                                                beneath the sand
& all I can offer you is the blurry neon
outside the taqueria
                                    the evening mist
                        settling in for the long haul
your errant passion my autographed copy
of the sky over El Segundo
            & palm trees anchored in the fog
                                    like shadows that scratch your name into
                        smoked glass rippling just beyond the point
the feathered breeze falling over damp colors
            the strings tuned according to some obscure
theory of harmony as your eyelids cultivate
a moonlit emotion
                                    like the sound of waves
in a eucalyptus grove
20 miles from here