Friday, January 11, 2013

Name that Tune

Suppose I let you see my dark side
for only a minute
the boy I was & the man I’m pretending to be
cradled by the drizzle tide like Saigons of
parkinglot disdain & lamentation
in saecula saeculorum / Forever (& ever)
hoisting the amphetamine pez dispenser
in silhouette against the green concrete
                        to be set alongside the rectangular blue
slab I suppose represents either the ocean
or the sky
            a thin red line diagonal to a scribble of turquoise
& what could be a disemboweled Buick
                        sedan bleeding rust onto the pink stucco wall
            of a one bedroom rental just steps from the beach
The girl I met there
            how was I to know that she would be someone who
looked like you?  whispering like a mist of rain
across the midnight pavement