Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weight

salt cold         sea roads
oil slick
a thin feather of cloud
that seems to have fishbones in it
            I was swept away by the blue sparkle
            where I learned to surf by candlelight
            snap decisions broken in half by a misjudged floater
                        on the wrong side of the jetty
folded into the waves                it’s that easy
rainsqualls              in the back of my head
throbbing engines                adrift                    hovering
tracing your family history back to gray whales
& the scene of the crime (Malibu) a blank space
you can return to although you can never go back

            the coast road crumbling beneath yr wheels
                        the palm trees & ice plant & carbon monoxide
            settling in for the long haul now pelicans in formation
                                    plow their way thru the redolent haze
& what do we do now? you ask & I answer
We wait