Saturday, November 2, 2013

Pacific Pipe & Forge Co.

Something doesn’t work, leaky
valve, got bent, blown fuse,
left out in the rain

over-the-counter pain killers not
much good for anything

Hauling water on a shoeless morning in November
takes care of the spiritual calisthenics for the day

No one picked up on the reference to green
nettle tea (Milarepa) so it’ll just have to be
our little secret

We’ll plead the fifth,
as Eddie says, “sometimes
science isn’t good with words”

I had to double-back to make sure it scanned
if only because it was the birthday of John Keats
he would have been 218 years old & most
probably wouldn’t even be able to lift a pen
let alone a flask of laudanum anymore

Keats was born on Halloween
as were two of my 3 sisters

Today is November 2, All Souls Day,
or El Dia de Los Muertos

which along with All Hallows Day &
All Saints Day, as any good Catholic knows,
forms the triduum of Hallowmas

At this time the peek-a-boo veil between the
material world & the spiritual world thins to an
almost transparent layer which is why you may want
to disguise yourself so as not to be recognized
by the dead

Tomorrow the time changes
from Pacific Daylight Time to
Pacific Standard Time

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”
Milarepa may have said that
& if not he should have

We speak a similar language
but no two people ever speak the
same language

Some things are better for being lost
in translation,
    bent, or broken
maybe that’s just the way it’s
supposed to be