Thursday, November 1, 2012

Whatever You Say

I could swim thru all that you spill
and still not make it there in time
yr eyes changing color with the sky
“a seduction of light”
Later in the morning the rocks at the
north of the cove will be underwater
& a clean right-break will peel in around the point
You hand me a string of pearls
& a Buddhist road map
“I prefer the scenic route”
seaweed cigarettes at dawn
Bela Lugosi in Island of Lost Souls
Morphine Like Swimming
& the cracked pavement of my native land
I dreamed of a nun weeping at the ticket window
(these things need to be sorted out in the morning)
a light seduction, black and blonde sand, the wet sidewalk
reflectng all of this & neither of us have come this far
to turn back now
At this angle, & in this light, it looks as though there are
sparks flying off the edge of the waves
the sun just rising, the sky still dark