Saturday, April 6, 2013

I still have the photograph & the scars & the silkscreened cover art in full color (even black & white)

Catch myself wondering what’s real
the guitar or the music
& the sun was
chrome-plated though fading slightly
Who shall I say?

human speech        violet flames        remnants
of the Farallon Oceanic Plate

                                    seaweed salad & oysters

I had to change the oil & adjust the clutch
in the Ranchero

                        a baseball bat & a machete under the seat

(variations on a theme)
Meanwhile I rely upon the Red Monk Commentaries
& other submersibles
                        William Blake’s wetsuit & the gnostic
                                    comic book version of
                                                the life of  Simon Magus, for example

                        counting horses on bingo night
                                    as the fog strums the barbed wire

& rust has claimed the shoreline once again