Monday, April 15, 2013

Not unlike shattered glass

Accelerated klezmer twang floating thru w/
sonic swamp percussion
& I’m right back where I started
            My tendency to trespass vs. the neon palette
                        of another Pacific sunset
& I’m slamming back the methanol
like a one man carnival
            no longer recognizing the face that
                        stares back at me from the bathroom mirror
but that’s okay
            it’s clear that whoever he is
                        he doesn’t recognize me either

            though we’re both wearing the same Yater t-shirt
                        w/the blood stain on the left shoulder
                                    as in the Palatine Anthology

& there’s a seabreeze strumming a one-string banjo
in the arthritic  
eucalyptus        & the hazy blue sky leans back
            in yr eyes       a minute        or so
                        just long enough for you to shift gears
                                    dropping to your knees
                                                to pick up the loose change
            although as every beggar knows
                        if you can hear it hit the ground
                                    it can’t be worth much