Friday, April 26, 2013

Strange Blondes

Even if the dance goes sideways
we know the spirit moves,
has moved, is moving
though not perhaps as we had at first imagined

The rain has cleared (for now) & the inexorable
light filtering down lends a blessing of sorts
but only if you can see it at a 45 degree angle

There has to be an element of risk in everything we do
or else why bother?
                                    The moss grows on the north
                        side so you should keep the
                                                ocean on your right

                                    & a switchblade within reach. 
    Cypress. Eucalyptus. Coyote brush. Lupine.
    Nasturtiums clinging to beach pavement. 
    Mexican fan palms splashing shadows across the
    Manchurian Surf Almanac.
    It’s all wrong but that’s the way it’s
    supposed to be.  A thin pale shadow (with wings)
    in the dark blonde sky.