Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Primer Gray Tikis in the Mist

            An ill-advised leap from the pier
            because Jim Castro said I didn’t have the balls

            I had the balls all right but not the
            brains to tell him to go fuck himself

            What was it 1972?              

                                    Way out at the far end of space & timelessness
                                    like it was only yesterday, or the day before that
Are these the same blue eyes that learned to
read the tide that year at Playa del Rey?

Probably not                   given what we is now

                        Anyway it was really Dockweiler Beach
the sewage effluent & the El Segundo refinery
made it a “special” place

            I never knew it any different
                        my DNA all over that scene

I should have died in TJ that time
I had my ticket punched & everything

shuffling through the damp pages of every ocean
            in the backseat at 90 miles an hour
            & she was gazing out thru the windshield
                                    inventing thermodynamics
            pictured as a beautiful blue tide
                        rushing in beneath the burnt-pink windows
            of no place special

            like what’s left when you drain the pool

& I never noticed until someone mentioned
there was blood all down the side of my face