Tuesday, May 7, 2013

As it happens

If you are expecting poetry to
tell you something you can use, you better
reconsider the wings on the poet’s sandals
and the rules of the game Elegua plays.
―Duncan McNaughton

                        Green glass, amber, bronze
glass from beneath the sea.  Several
thousand pounds of Wagnerian pressure
& a Japanese road map.

The main part of the first section is blue.

Blue is still a color, right?

I was going to call the second section “Surfin’
with the Zoroastrians” but my karma made me
stutter.  Z-Z-Z-Z, & I wasn’t sleeping.

Popping the thought balloon
                                    with a feather
            or a crowbar
                                                either way
                        gives us a clear view of the beach.

27 April ‘13