Thursday, May 9, 2013

I forgot to mention the waterproof mascara

This morning morning’s breezes
bending back around.  Ocean view
through dusty asthmatic palm trees.
Dead batteries spilling rust.

I am building a boat                 in my head
it will transport all of us to our private islands soon enough
w/ukuleles & bongo drums triumphant.

Just as saying “Please” in German is bitter the
near rhyme a tear scores when torn
echoes in the heart’s house when no one’s home.

The sky          swept up          in haze        
Waves of timeless          silver-green          glass
with brocade          & collision insurance.

Apparently there is a difference.
She calls out their names
            tracing the veins of each steeped in ruin
            & candlelight.  Dark motel room throwdowns
            w/plenty of ice.

All that glitters remains
            carving across the face of a Tijuana pipe
like bending silver spoons in your sleep.