Sunday, August 5, 2012

A petition in support of UNO Press and Bill Lavender

Received this note from Skip Fox:

"As you may well have already heard the University of New Orleans Press has just recently been put on 'hiatus' and its innovative and energetic editor, Bill Lavender, fired.   The presumptive reason concerned budget constraints, but in fact the Press was cost free, and as you know it also published an international range of writers, many of them prize winners or otherwise notable.   As you are probably aware, Bill Lavender had taken a rather lifeless creature in 2007 and enlivened it with over 100 publications, a remarkable achievement."

"In support of UNO Press, Bill Lavender, fine literature and good reading, please consider signing a petition indicating your support.   The petition has many more details concerning the recent (2-3 day) history of events."

I urge you to sign the pettion, it only takes a minute & you can take a stand for Bill and UNO Press.   Thanks.