Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just meet me half-way

Stop for a cup of coffee in Twentynine Palms
ice cold beer in Needles
we’re at the at the bottom of the sea here
where there is no ocean
landscape/seascape         it’s all in your head

            while 274 miles west
            an ill-advised leap from the pier
            because Jim Castro said I didn’t have the balls

            I had the balls all right but not the
            brains to tell him to go fuck himself
            What was it 1972?

                        way out at the far end of space & timelessness
                        like it was only yesterday, or the day before that
                        in a previous existence (one of many)

Are these the same blue eyes that learned to
read the tide that year at Playa del Rey?
Probably not         given what we is now

            Anyway it was really El Segundo
            & although the coast bends different here at S.Cruz
            the rules are the same         the curtain moves
            & a gigantic mirror of oxidized copper signals
            from threads of milk-white foam