Monday, August 6, 2012

Out There

Ape in the rain at Cuernavaca
slunk low at the wheel
resurrected like a dice game
in tunnels of space, or fate
whatever you want
I’ll take a plank more seaworthy with
salt mist annointed
flapping foam & carrying a torch

The Scary Part
A persistant rail of dreams
Calle de Los NiƱos Perdidos
more than a footnote
less than bright shadows
changing compulsively
for no other reason than to steal the face
right off your head
I’ve heard that song too

Leroy Don’t Surf
The haze of another place
just as holy & forgotten
Votive roses burning in the window of
an apartment building in El Segundo
w/a tangled night sky sloping down into the
pitch & reel of the luminous ocean out there
charging restless into a seething
jungle of grass skirts