Thursday, August 9, 2012

Signs & Wonders

Just as I stepped out of the car
a great blue heron soared past low
right above me             & off
into the mist of the estuary

Geometric light but snapped from the film layer eminence
& holding
                              inside mineshafts of raw pacific steel

The spanking cold & damp
              I would fail to elucidate in 8 distinct voices
including one of stunning silence
                                          a pantomime with one-way tickets attached

The tar melts beneath the sand
& this is where your heart knocks to break

Another time I lost my sunglasses here

A neat pile of regurgitated fishbones in the center of the path
like a nest of crystals in the sun

              ¿Has encontrado lo que buscaba? the bruja asked me
No, it seems I was misinformed
                                          & the light swings round & the money’s gone

love minus zero beneath the fortune palms

& your kisses are like a glass of water at 3 in the morning