Monday, February 18, 2013

2012 by Joanne Kyger

With the beauty and immediacy of an inexorable logic improvised on the spot, Kyger sings the questioning mind and open heart through the careful notation of the nature of nature, human and not human, seen and felt and imagined.  What Olson called “causal mythology,” and Whalen described as the “graph of a mind moving,” are woven by Kyger into an everyday “familiar recognition”―

             Remember how the heart is always located
                    by its place in the body, by the bottom of a mountain,
                            on the slopes to the sea
      Watching it go by as if owned by no one,
            the ‘watcher’ sneezes and disappears

2012 is a suite of 9 exquisite poems.  Get your copy now from Blue Press.