Monday, February 11, 2013

Anointed by wet sand & a dirty blonde alibi

Between what you know & what you think
you know
                        searching for a meaning that you
make up as you go along
the wave pattern carved into every grain of
beach sand
                        & whatever it was I saw rippling in yr eyes
warm light once trucked in from the tropics
with haze attending (thin absorbant cotton)
so much the more radiant when seen from the water
            but we’re standing on the pavement
outside the Mexican mercado La Esperanza broken
bottles at the curb
                                    jagged amber
bronze       apricot      the color of gasoline
a string of sunset pearls tied around the neck of a
                        Has anyone ever taken a DNA sample
from a cloud?
The evidence is that thick
held in 37 volumes plus a box that must be kept refrigerated
at a secret location
only you know & I know