Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Whiter Shade of Concrete

Condensed by the night
& the rush
            like a gull that flies
                                    in the dark
            all I needed was something simple
            & pure
The requisite shadows tucked neatly
            into the ruins of the palisades
                                    in my heart
                        representing something that will remain
casually unresolved
            locked away where the seabreeze goes   
                        when it isn’t here
returning the sky to its default settings
            picking up the mist & setting it down again
                                    igniting palm trees
& laying out those lines of neon that blossom in the surf
            whatever I might have thought in the meantime
picking up the pesos
                        the implication these remnants betray
as though it was just another
day at the beach