Friday, February 1, 2013

Money Pancho

Dismantle the heart
& put it back together
in some half-ass way
it still works
clanking, grinding gears
            relayed along the rusty curve of sunset
like a convoy of razor-pink flamingos
& stolen hubcaps
            anticipating yet another chorus of
            Cowgirl in the Sand
(The band couldn’t make it
            where’s my harmonica?)
Scrap-iron nasturtiums blossoming
                        above the seawall
shipped from Okinawa to Santa Cruz
& back again
            like a cigarette that died in the refrigerator
or your reflection in the shiny chrome sky
                        I can’t decide which
Please give me all your love
& 20 dollars
            I’m running on fumes & 4 bald tires
Whisper sweet nada
            & I’ll show you how long I can
                        hold my breath
If I recite The Day Lady Died from memory
            will it buy us a taco to share out on the pier?
I’ve got a bird that whistles
I’ve got a bird that sings