Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dividing Now From Forever

You have the choice to 
double up or double back

living inside a comic book
version of The Odyssey

with lots of CRASH, THUD, KA-BOOMs
& dialog balloons stuffed with those

dactylic hexameters that still ring like
stones in the sun

but outsourced to California 
where the shoreline has a memory that's 

always going to be deeper than
the history book you lost in high school

or that dry dive into the abyss
when no one's looking

Thursday, September 1, 2016

West Coast Slide

The pale gray & blue sky opens just a little by noon

Remember to pay attention

Breathe in & breathe out                   okay
then what?

                        Try some new yoga poses:
                                    the Binge-Watcher
                                    the One-Legged Seagull
                                    the Chainsmoker

although I'd rather spend my time running tropical interference
while wearing a ceremonial lifejacket & a snorkel

                        retracing the steps of a last tango...

& I told her

            You can bury my body
                                    down by the oceanside
            so my old evil spirit
                        can catch the next wave & ride