Monday, April 2, 2018

Mexican Hat Trick

A choir of seagulls vs the shattered
vocabulary of April
revealing a heart that resembles a bus wreck
just outside Truth or Consequences, NM
where I could be carrying a specimen jar containing
a butterfly, some broken seashells, & 6 bottlecaps
mementos of X-ville Beach
& all of it boiling down to a
3-day nocturne vs a lost weekend
with The Pentecostal Blues playing nonstop
on subliminal radio
but you're not there to push the buttons . . .
Come Wednesday I'll have tears in my eyes
so I'll drive blindfolded & miss seeing the 
palm trees genuflect
as the sun skids along the edge of the ocean haze
like wind in the cypress vs pushing a tractor through
quicksand I said it's a catchy tune but
can you dance to it?