Sunday, October 23, 2016

Robinson Jeffers with a Surfboard & a Bad Case of Attention Deficit Disorder

The latest incoming via telepathy
like an outcrop of granite turning to sand

I guess I understand

         The sky a shadow that manifests itself in
                  liquid crystal
                           though knee deep in mud

Palm trees knocking together in the cypress grove
         gull wing propaganda
                  the rain was expecting something epic perhaps?

         He said "My favorite poet is Jerry Lee Lewis
         aka The Killer
         used to surf the Salton Sea on a feather of acetylene..."

& here in the surging rain the
waves rise up, crest, & fall
dark w/foam & the thunder of hooves
charging up from the vast plains of the ocean
floor & across the rippling gray 
pavement of the onrushing tide

(Do I have to say it?)

The roan stallion was a seahorse

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Automated Liner Notes

Tidewater Intrigue Among the Submersibles
I drove 500 miles
just for the chance to
leap from the edge of your
pure white bliss
into a spoonful of
broken concrete

Buy One Get One Free
The morning sun ignites the
sky as scattered clouds drifting in
off the ocean go from silver to
crimson & back again like it
never even happened

Tapping on the Pavement w/a Spoon
Putting the blue sky on hold for a moment a sideways glance
allows you to see a little less than you saw first time around
all of it drenched in radiance & apprehension

Steel Pier Freeze-Out
Broken waves displace the tide
            & the sun tightens up like a fist
say whatever you want it's all true
                                          even when it's not
                              & there's 20 miles between you & your
                        mind (a distance
                                          you'll probably not cover today

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Return of the Native

All things must find their proper time,
So why is it that you have come so late?
                                                      - Mi Fu

The day rides in on hydroponic murmurings
             adrift expendable, teeming
                      w/a little rust discoloration around the edges
                               lit up in Chinese neon
& whatever else it takes to download the shop manual
under ideal conditions
             ever adrift in the commerce of light & shadow

I was thinking of reinventing
the Mariana Trench while strumming the
latitude & longitude of a crooked smile
             as though it might cure the common
yearning love leaves in its wake
                      as we're still learning the shape the sky
             takes inside jagged cumulus smoke rings of
haze & broken shadow wings that
rake the sand
                      testing the pulse of Spanish guitars
                               that sleep in the palm trees

I never but momentarily retain 
             a pretense of having walked this far
resisting like orchids in the rain
                       these defining moments
         gone as soon & trembling frail
                       beneath a pale blue-green silver
                                     eye-of-albacore sky