Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oop bop sh-bam

Demosthenes listened by the sea
with a rock in his teeth


Nothing is something you ought to remember
all drizzled in turquoise
That was me a dozen lifetimes ago
& so that last visit to New York
when Sweet Jane started up on the juke box
how could you expect me to hear anything else?
although when Mike pointed out that the girl by
the door was possibly a hooker I glanced & confirmed
but shifting 5 years ahead to Mexican rock & roll
in a dirt floor cantina in Baja while shooting 9 ball
with Pamela would the fact that I could recite
Catullus in Latin buy us another round of cervezas?
The Federales must have been bored in the parking lot
late in the day the sun still hot the cactus & palm trees
have golden thoughts I said reaching all the way back to the
PCH near Topanga in 1971 wherever I may have been
going     Difficile est longum subito deponere amorem
difficult but essential           don’t kid yourself
you had to kick the 8-track that hung beneath the dash
before you could even begin to lose yourself in that music