Saturday, July 13, 2013

The first one’s free but I’m seeing double

That haze of blue sunlight might have
chipped the tooth of some god
or seagull
but it doesn’t keep me from
skipping like a broken needle
beneath palm trees swaying to a tune I can’t hear
 (there’s sand in my ear & a million reasons
the air was seasoned with salt-
mist & car exhaust & your heart was like a trampoline…)

I said I’m looking at the sky
as though it’s a homemade television set
balanced precariously on a lost horizon
curving soft & rounded like your bare shoulders
tumbling in a cement mixer

& I must enter again the cathedral of vaulted Pacific 
steel buttressed w/seaweed
& foam
            if only to reap the questionable karma
echoing in an empty 24 oz. Tecate can
smeared with lipstick